Milward is a strategic leadership consulting and research practice founded in 1992 by Dr Andy Milward.

Our focus is to assist senior leaders and their executive teams to achieve their strategic objectives.

Strategic leadership entails anticipating threats and opportunities in the internal and external environment, and then responding quickly and appropriately.

We work with leaders and their executive teams with the following:

To adapt swiftly and competitively, leaders need to disrupt the status quo, finding novel solutions to strategic problems.

This means developing the critical perspective to challenge outmoded models and conventional ways of thinking.

We work with individual leaders and leadership teams to help instil these critical thinking disciplines.

Complemented by our network of specialist partners, we deliver our services globally.

We deliver our work through three inter-related practice areas – Senior Leaders, Executive Teams and Strategic Change. Each area focuses on a specific aspect of the leadership challenge.


Strategic Analysis

Most strategic problems are a dynamic interplay of tangible resource sufficiency, and intangible human factors such as motivation, morale, reputation and skills.

We help you to address these problems, through analysis supported with survey research and statistical modelling techniques.

We encourage divergent thinking and the development of creative solutions.


The decision process is fraught with risk. Although a particular decision may seem intuitively right, psychological bias or insufficient data can render the decision ineffective and cause serious damage to the organisation.

In high-reliability organisations, (engineering, aerospace, medical care, emergency services etc.), there are numerous instances where a flawed decision process has led to injury or loss of life.

At the very least, decisions that entail irrational risk can result in commercial disaster, as recent events in the financial sector have shown.

We work with you to ensure your decision-making process is sound and minimises risk.

We encourage you to challenge the norms and assumptions that underlie your decisions. We ensure that you recognise the signs and signals of danger so you can act in a timely and appropriate way.

Managing self and others

We help you to develop your leadership and people management skills. Key to this process is gaining an understanding of your own development needs as well as the development of others.

We encourage you to think about your personal and business challenges in different, non-obvious ways.

Drawing on fresh ideas, we help you to challenge conventional thinking and tired models.

We give you the confidence to create a new exciting future for your organisation, and for your own career.

Managing your career

We work with you to prepare you for promotion to the most senior leadership positions  More Info »


We help you to build cohesive executive teams with an unshakeable confidence in their ability to achieve their goals. We challenge your team to rethink the way they approach one another and their tasks to resolve conflict, and foster cooperation within and between groups.  More Info »


Restructure, Acquisitions, Divestments, Employee Engagement – the ability to lead the process of internal change in response to changes in your business environment is a crucial capability for leaders.

Poorly planned and executed change can lead to low morale, resignations, and unanticipated financial loss.

Through our rigorous data-driven approach, we help you to plan and execute change, supporting your people through the process to ensure you minimise risk.

With over two decades of experience, we have enabled hundreds of private and public sector organisations to achieve their change goals. More Info »