"I have kept in touch with Andy Milward since I first met him in 2009 when he ran a three day seminar with our top executives. This was based on his work in goal alignment (self identity, employee engagement) and group efficacy. As a Board member of a large group of companies, I am particularly interested in organizational development, top management motivation and coaching. I have followed the evolution of Andy’s work, and have benefitted from his methods and working skills. A couple of years later we met again at our site, when he ran a seminar introducing us to new methods of strategic business planning that take account of the non-linear dynamics of our business. I am very pleased that, despite the cultural differences and novelty of his approach, our managers appreciate Andy Milward's unique way of interacting with people and have grasped well the evident benefit of his work to the whole organization."

Alexandru Covrig
Board Member at Vel Pitar, Bucharest, Romania
March 9, 2014


"I did enjoy Andy's organizational advisor role in multiple situations at Microsoft. The key differentiators of Andy'a added value are : 1) state of the art know how transfer with top research universities, innnovative approach in addressing the most complex organizational issues, autometed tools to support his research approach. Last but not least his communication style is always attractive and stimulating interactions."

Pier Sante (Nino) Olivotto
Founder & Managing Partner presso Olivotto S.R.L. cr
April 12, 2012


"Andy is a highly trusted partner focused on delivering rigourous quality work aligned with business direction. He both positively demanding to work with, critiques and challenges a client to ensure his service delivery is fit for purpose and educates to leave a client more self reliant."

Sarah Murphy
Business Management and HR Executive
April 16, 2010


"I am pleased to recommend Andy for his outstanding help as my executive coach, working with me from April 2009 till January 2010, as I was going through an important transition in my professional career. Andy delivered well beyond my expectations, and I feel I owe him a lot. Andy is a very bright psychologist and at the same time very business-oriented so we never lost sight of the goal we had set. I found Andy’s services extremely valuable because he is fluent in quite a number of disciplines within occupational psychology: he masters a variety of tools that he uses depending on his client and also on the situation at stake. Before jumping to conclusions, Andy listens a lot and analyses in depth the various angles of any given issue. Overall, it’s extremely gratifying to work with Andy because he is committed to deliver to his client’s full satisfaction. Not only he works very hard but he also is a very enjoyable person to know."

Pierre Liautaud
Executive Vice President, Member of the Executive Board at KONE Corporation
April 5, 2010


"I retained Andy Milward’s services between 1991 and 1994 to help me with several business challenges with our software and services business in Scandinavia, Germany and East/Central Europe. He demonstrated considerable entrepreneurial ability as well as the skill to manage complex change in a culturally diverse setting. Andy did a terrific job in turning around our failing Swedish operation and helping our German business to achieve its targets. He was also particularly successful in setting up and then managing new distributor operations for us in Hungary and the Czech Republic ensuring that the financial targets were met. I strongly recommend Andy Milward to any organisation that has a business problem to solve. He is creative, analytical and results oriented."

Tony Braniff
Successful Entrepreneur
September 21, 2009


"Working with Andy was an eye opening experience for me and I believe also for others in the team. His insights into the dynamics of the team and all the learnings we gained from the social network analysis he did with us, truly helped us to understand the situation better. At the same time I and others were able to use the knowledge we gained also in other teams we work in."

Ralph Schimpl
Director Change Management
August 27, 2009


"I worked with Andy Milward in Budapest between 1992 and 1994. He helped me to build a successful company selling business intelligence software and related services. Andy negotiated the distribution agreement for us and helped us to develop our sales and marketing skills. He is a consummate entrepreneur and a skilful coach. I learned many things from him that have greatly benefited my career. He has integrity, energy and vision. I would recommend him as a consultant to any organisation that is looking to build a new venture."

Akos Reszler
Senior Vice President at Nuance Communications Inc., & General Manager of Nuance Budapest/Hungary Operations


"We engaged Andy during the planing period for a major acquisition integration. He did a great job of helping us step back and understand the people aspects that are critical to delivering both the desired culture and results."

Ray Riley
Head of Corn and Soybean R&D at Syngenta
May 4, 2009


"Andy helped me enormously to effect a cultural change programme while I was MD of an offshore merchant bank.
On my retirement, I joined him as a non-exec director and invested in his business. Ten years on, international companies and government departments use his unique talent for applying behavioural science to increase the effectiveness of their organisations."

Bill Hamilton-Turner
Director at Devonshire Corporate Services Ltd
February 3, 2009


"We have used Andy at Microsoft since 2006 as both an Executive Coach for the VP of our Consulting business in Europe, Middle East, and Africa, and as an organisational development consultant. He has done an outstanding job in both roles. As an Executive Coach, he has helped one of our senior leaders successfully address a number of very challenging issues which has led to a remarkable turn around of his performance and increased credibility with stakeholders. This was verified with a 360 degree feedback process that Andy developed and delivered this year. In addition, Andy has developed several very successful development workshops for our senior leadership team that again resulted in demonstrable positive results. I would enthusiastically recommend him for both coaching and organisation consulting work, and would be happy to discuss our experiences with Andy in more detail by phone."

Dick Hoell
HR Director at Microsoft
February 2, 2009


"In the field of organisational behaviour and psychology, Andy is streets apart from others in terms of thinking or application. He combines rigourous analysis with practical organisational application to lever organisational performance."

Kate Wallett
Senior Organisational Development Specialist
January 31, 2009


"Together with Andy we did several missions and each time he provided or helped us identifying the right answers to organizational or management issues we were facing. Andy's talent is to an insightful but in a very pragmatic way."

Dominique Masseran
Managing Director at 20th Century Fox HE France
January 27, 2009


"We worked with Andy over a number of years at Zurich International. He provided a complete culture change review and implementation program that became a significant part of our life in the Middle East operation. Andy's work was always fresh and innovative but rooted in a clear set of values that gave the process consistency. I can recommend him to anyone that wants to look at their existing operations and assess how they may best enhance them."

Graham Howe
Director of Sales at AXYS Technologies Inc.
January 26, 2009


"I would like to endorse Dr Andy Milward for his work as a non-executive director of H.H Helia Holdings Limited and the Quality Crops group of companies in Romania. I am the owner and Chief Executive Officer. I appointed Dr Milward as a non-executive director in 2010. Prior to 2010 I retained him as a consultant advisor to the board for the period 2004 to 2010. As a non-executive director, Dr Milward has made a considerable contribution to the growth and effective functioning of our company. He possesses a very sharp intellect, excellent team-working skills, vast experience of business practice, strong functional knowledge and a number of special skills that have proven very useful to us. As a board, we can always rely on Dr Milward to challenge our way of thinking. He has proven his ability to reframe problems such that they become opportunities. He has a strong moral compass and ensures that we are always compliant with regulatory requirements in all of our endeavors. Dr Milward is a sharp negotiator and he has made an invaluable contribution to the planning of our negotiations with potential purchasers of parts of our business. He is able to help us plan negotiations such that we have a route map to guide us that covers all possible directions. Dr Milward is financially literate, skilled at business analysis and has proven a great help to us in monitoring our progress, valuing parts of our business and evaluating investment opportunities. He has a large network of contacts in many countries that he draws upon. For example, he was able to introduce us to a source of funding that enabled our expansion. I would add that Dr Milward has a very holistic understanding of our business and this makes him a versatile asset. I can recommend him without question to any organization that is looking for a Non-Executive director. Manuel Coronado CEO & Founder Quality Crops Group HH Helia Holdings Ltd"

Manuel Coronado
CEO & Founder of Quality Crops Group HH Helia Holdings Ltd
2004 - 2010


"I highly recommend Andy as an amazing partner in developing executive leaders- both as teams and as individuals. I had the pleasure of working with and learning from Andy during my role in Europe. Our leadership team at the time had many strong, knowledgeable and passionate leaders, but we weren't connected and working together as a team as much as we needed to for that changing environment. He listened to our goals and challenges and designed a program that challenged us, made us uncomfortable at times, and pushed us forward- together. I learned about Organizational Network Analysis from him (this was before it was "cool" :)), and it made such a difference in how our team performed! He also coached some of our leaders as individuals- to help them develop in their current roles and to prepare them to take on new challenges. Although I was the HR partner working with him on these programs, he always took the time to support me on my own journey- he was a coach to me too! I will forever be grateful for his direct, honest, and brave approach with our (somewhat!) challenging team of strong leaders. And I look forward to working with him again very soon!"

Rebecca Trotsky
VP People & Employee Relations Strategy at HR Acuity
August 17, 2022


"I retained Andy Milward as an external consultant to help me with a systemic information technology (IT) challenge within Morgan Stanley (MS) and would like to endorse his skills. In my role as Europe IT Head – Market Operations & Finance, I was responsible for addressing team performance and morale issues in preparation for significant regulatory changes to legacy IT platforms.
I engaged Andy Milward to help me understand the staff motivation problem and its impact on the business.
Andy used various analytical methods he had devised to help us to understand the sources of the problem and to correlate and quantify the negative performance outcomes. It was clear that we would not cope with our challenges without significant change in how we invest in people and reinforce appropriate behaviours.
As a direct result of Andy’s contribution, I was able to gain investment support from IT’s global head to make substantial IT and human resource interventions – resulting in the following outcomes:
• The new atmosphere in the IT function enabled me to pioneer distributed development technology to upgrade the legacy back-office systems.

• I was also now able to retrain staff with valuable business knowledge.

• There was a massive improvement in morale reflected in staff retention and productivity measures.

• Relationships between the front and back-office teams improved considerably.

• I was able to implement the changes to the legacy systems successfully.

I recommend Andy Milward without hesitation to any organisation that needs a high-impact, behavioural strategy consultant to help resolve a complex problem that poses a threat to the success of the organisation."

Andrew Jones
COO Strategic Transformation and Change Leader, CIO Strategic Transformation and Change Leader, Executive Director, Non-Executive Director
November 9, 2021


"Andy mentored me in 2019. I found Andy to be an excellent mentor who encouraged me to find a career that was suited to my interests and goals. His knowledge was very insightful, and he was always there to provide advice when I needed it most. Andy has an excellent track record, and I would urge anyone who is thinking about pursuing a new role to get in touch with him. The advice he has provided me over the year has proved to be very valuable indeed."

Zieshan Karim
Principal Consultant at PA Consulting | Agile Transformation Expert | Future Organisations | SPC 5.1
February 16, 2020