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CEO Taking on Greater Responsibility Following Public Flotation

Client: Global Energy Group ; Location: Global

Client Brief

Following the public flotation of a private company in the energy sector, we were instructed to help the new Chief Executive Officer to adjust to his responsibilities as CEO of a public company.



The leadership style required of the CEO of a public company differs in important respects from the style required of a leader in a private company.

The CEO has new responsibilities to shareholders as well as to customers and employees who have gone through a significant change that has affected the culture of the organisation.

This CEO was finding it difficult to make the transition and was exhibiting behaviour that brought the interests of the various stakeholders into conflict.

To help the CEO to modify his leadership style, we used a combination of interviews, focus groups and surveys to assess the effect of his style on employees and other stakeholders.

We then worked closely with the CEO over one year to help him to address his development needs.



The CEO made important changes in his leadership style that balanced the interests of customers, shareholders and employees. This improved governance reducing risk.

This reduced risk improved relations with his board colleagues, as well as increasing employee satisfaction.