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To Instil a Sales culture in the IT division of a Privatised Utility Company

Client: Division of a Privatised Utility; Location: UK

Client Brief 

A privatised utility company decided to turn its internal IT function into a managed services business to address the external market. As the business had a long history in the public sector and was an internal function, our brief was to:

(1) Build effective, motivated teams across the business that would provide the required sales and service capability, and

(2) Develop a cost saving initiative that engaged all staff members.



We started by interviewing the CEO and all directors to get an initial sense of the scope of the challenge. We then designed a workforce survey to understand the employee perspective and provide the foundation for a change programme.

It was evident that the change from an internal function to an external market focussed business had affected employee morale. We developed team workshops attended by all one thousand employees.

These workshops focussed on identifying cost savings whilst promoting team-oriented behaviours. Observation of the team dynamics in the workshop, combined with selective use of behavioural assessments, gave team members a greater self-awareness of their personal development needs.

All directors participated in group and individual coaching to help them with strategy development and assist them in leading the process of change.



After several months, the company was rebranded and had evolved into a leaner externally focussed business. There was a much higher level of employee morale. The company had started to win significant contracts and was able to gradually reduce its reliance on providing an internal service.