Partner Profile: Professor Kim Warren & Strategy Dynamics

Kim Warren – Founder and Principal of Strategy Dynamics Ltd

For the last eighteen years, Milward has worked in close partnership with Strategy Dynamics Limited as an accredited practitioner of the Strategy Dynamics method for designing, implementing and adjusting strategy for any organisation, or for any issue.

The Strategy Dynamics method has enabled Milward to offer powerful strategic modelling methods to complement our own consulting and research in Strategic Leadership.


Founded in 1996 by Professor Kim Warren, Strategy Dynamics is a strategy consulting, educational and software firm based near London in the United Kingdom.

The firm promotes the Strategy Dynamics frameworks that Kim has developed over the last twenty years.

Realising serious limitations with the conventional strategy methods offered in business schools, Kim developed the powerful Strategy Dynamics frameworks, by translating the theoretically robust science of System Dynamics into simple managerial language.

The firm’s purpose has always been to help organisations radically improve performance through the use of a practical, reliable method  for developing and implementing strategy – whether for the whole operation, or for any part of it, and whether the organisation needs a continuing plan or a solution to a one-time issue.

The Strategy Dynamics method can do that because it captures exactly how an enterprise works as an integrated, working system and how that system sustains itself and delivers performance.

Because it is built on the rock-solid underlying principles of Engineering Control theory, applied to mixed systems of physical, social and economic factors, the Strategy Dynamics approach works for any kind of organisation– large or small, whether in the corporate, government, or voluntary sectors, and at any stage in its life (even before it gets started!)

Strategy Dynamics Limited provides online courses, books, course materials and simulations, business modelling software, training, and strategy services to individuals and to commercial, academic, and not-for-profit organisations.

The firm’s in-depth courses, delivered on-line, include many templates and models that are directly and immediately usable by others.

Strategy Dynamics limited also supplies these materials – and the courses themselves – to other teachers and trainers.

The Strategy Dynamics method and the teaching are supported by the powerful, easy-to-use software Sysdea to apply the method, along with reference books – Strategy Dynamics Essentials, and Strategic Management Dynamics that explain how it works.

About Kim Warren

As well as the developer of the Strategy Dynamics approach, Kim is an independent strategy writer, teacher, and consultant.

After 15 years in senior corporate strategy roles, Kim joined the faculty at London Business School, teaching on MBA and Executive programs, where he was introduced to the long-established and rigorous discipline of system dynamics.

In addition to developing learning materials and publications, Kim continues to develop and extend the Strategy Dynamics method’s power and relevance by helping businesses across all sectors to deal with major strategic challenges.

Most recently, the method has also proved invaluable for dealing with issues in the public sector and in non-profit organizations.

Kim is author of the prize-winning Competitive Strategy Dynamics (Wiley, 2002), and a major strategy textbook Strategic Management Dynamics (Wiley, 2008).

His work was recognized with the 2005 Jay W Forrester Award as the most important contribution to the field of System Dynamics in the previous five years, and he served as 2013 President of the International System Dynamics Society.

Andy Milward

Andy Milward Ph.D. is founder and principal of Milward, a consulting and research firm specialising in Strategic Leadership. With over thirty-five years industrial experience, Andy supports senior executives with the analysis of complex problems, strategy development, decision-making and personal growth. A specialist in strategic change, he helps leaders to plan, execute and lead the process of change. Click here for more about Andy.

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