Executive Coaching

Client: Manufacturing Company ; Location: UK

Client Brief

To help a CFO to improve his personal style and relationship skills to reduce conflict he was experiencing with several members of his executive team.



We interviewed all board members to get a sense of the problems with team dynamics. It is often the case that poor team dynamics result from the behaviour of several individuals, and not just the one person that is in focus.

We confirmed that the finance director’s behaviour was in part related to the way other board members related to him.

We used a psychometric assessment to measure interpersonal skills with the board members to provide a baseline and provide a foundation for coaching work.

We then worked with each board member individually to address their own behaviour as well as working with the group to explore the effect of behaviour on team dynamics.



All board members gained an awareness of how their own behaviour was influencing team dynamics.

Because the finance director was not the sole focus of the intervention, it was easier to gain his acceptance of the need to change along with his colleagues. The board reported greatly improved teamwork.