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Help to Develop a Career Strategy, Evaluate Strengths and Development Needs, Work to Address Development Needs, Coaching for Interviews, Support with On-boarding

Client: Senior Vice President ; Location: UK

Client Brief

A Vice President of a UK based services group decided to look for a new position. In his mid-fifties, he found that it was not possible for him to progress to a senior VP role with global responsibility. This was because there were other younger executives competing for this position. Concerned that he would end his career in his current role, he planned to look for a suitable role in a different organisation where there was an opportunity to progress.

We were instructed to help the VP to assess his current strengths and development needs, evaluate his mistakes and learn from them, and decide on a strategy to build a new career in another organisation.



We gave close support to the VP in the period following his departure from his previous organisation.

Using a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods we researched his former peers and reports’ impressions of his leadership style. Then we helped him to evaluate his career performance, successes, and mistakes and learn from this process.

We used several psychometric instruments to assess his aptitudes.

After integrating these findings, we supported the VP to firm up on his goals for a new career. Then we helped him to develop a search strategy, and introduced him to useful contacts.



The VP achieved his goal of appointment to a senior role in the same industry with global responsibility for a service division.

After his appointment, we supported him with the on-boarding process, helping him to adjust to his new role and integrate with his new executive team.

We provided continual coaching support over several years to help him to prepare for promotion to a more senior role in his new organisation.