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A leading firm of consultants and coaches, Milward International helps senior executives plan and manage strategic change.

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Milward is a strategic leadership consulting and research practice with one goal – to enable you to create maximum value. We guide you and your leadership team as you think through complex issues, formulate strategic responses to opportunities and threats, and execute the process of change.

Informed by a rigorous evidence-based analysis of your business, we challenge the status quo, enabling you to see issues from fresh, new perspectives.

Complemented by a network of specialist partners, we deliver our services globally. READ MORE ABOUT US



  • Executive Team Development

    The challenge was to take a fragmented executive leadership group and turn it into a cohesive high-performing team.

    The group comprised executives from nine national backgrounds each of whom lived and worked in one of six different countries.

    The team had responsibility for a multi-billion dollar business employing over four thousand people. The group reported to the area vice president.

    The group had only recently formed but had quickly fragmented into two separate factions. These factions were in conflict with one another and this led to poor cooperation and reduced effectiveness.

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  • Group Profitability, Predictive Modelling, Employee Morale

    The Executive team in a global services firm could not understand why profitability in certain project teams was greater than in others.

    They were also concerned about increasing dissatisfaction among members of the workforce and loss of headcount.

    Their response was to put increased pressure on employees in loss making areas. This approach seemed to worsen the problem.

    Our brief was to investigate the source of the problem and develop an approach that would address the problem.

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  • Help to Develop a Career Strategy, Evaluate Strengths and Development Needs, Work to Address Development Needs, Coaching for Interviews, Support with On-boarding

    A Vice President of a UK based services group decided to look for a new position. In his mid-fifties, he found that it was not possible for him to progress to a senior VP role with global responsibility. This was because there were other younger executives competing for this position. Concerned that he would end his career in his current role, he planned to look for a suitable role in a different organisation where there was an opportunity to progress.

    We were instructed to help the VP to assess his current strengths and development needs, evaluate his mistakes and learn from them, and decide on a strategy to build a new career in another organisation.

    We gave close support to the VP in the period following his departure from his previous organisation.

    Using a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods we researched his former peers and reports’ impressions of his leadership style. Then we helped him to evaluate his career performance, successes, and mistakes and learn from this process.

    We used several psychometric instruments to assess his aptitudes.

    After integrating these findings, we supported the VP to firm up on his goals for a new career. Then we helped him to develop a search strategy, and introduced him to useful contacts.

    The VP achieved his goal of appointment to a senior role in the same industry with global responsibility for a service division.

    After his appointment, we supported him with the on-boarding process, helping him to adjust to his new role and integrate with his new executive team.

    We provided continual coaching support over several years to help him to prepare for promotion to a more senior role in his new organisation.

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  • Employee Morale, Leadership Style, Changing Organisational Norms & Behaviour

    The IT function in a global investment bank was experiencing very low employee morale and an increasing loss of headcount.

    This situation was putting pressure on quality which led to client dissatisfaction.

    The mounting pressure from clients for an improved level of service resulted in a faster loss of morale and increased number of resignations.

    Our brief was to analyse the problem, understand the factors that led to decreasing quality and morale, and make recommendations to management.

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  • Evaluate the People Factors that could Potentially Derail an Acquisition

    The client was involved in planning to acquire and integrate two companies that had complementary technology. The success of the venture depended upon achieving synergies from the acquisition.

    Many mergers and acquisitions fail because of a clash between the norms that regulate behaviour in the acquiring party and the acquired parties.

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  • “I did enjoy Andy’s organizational advisor role in multiple situations at Microsoft. The key differentiators of Andy’a added value are state of the art know how transfer with top research universities, innnovative approach in addressing the most complex organizational issues, automated tools to support his research approach. Last but not least his communication style is always attractive and stimulating interactions.”

    Pier Sante (Nino) Olivotto
    Founder & Managing Partner presso Olivotto S.R.L. cr

  • “We have used Andy at Microsoft since 2006 as both an Executive Coach for the VP of our Consulting business in Europe, Middle East, and Africa, and as an organisational development consultant. He has done an outstanding job in both roles. As an Executive Coach, he has helped one of our senior leaders successfully address a number of very challenging issues which has led to a remarkable turn around of his performance and increased credibility with stakeholders. This was verified with a 360 degree feedback process that Andy developed and delivered this year. In addition, Andy has developed several very successful development workshops for our senior leadership team that again resulted in demonstrable positive results. I would enthusiastically recommend him for both coaching and organisation consulting work, and would be happy to discuss our experiences with Andy in more detail by phone.”

    Dick Hoell
    HR Director at Microsoft

  • “We engaged Andy during the planning period for a major acquisition integration. He did a great job of helping us step back and understand the people aspects that are critical to delivering both the desired culture and results.”

    Ray Riley
    Head of Corn and Soybean R&D at Syngenta

  • “I retained Andy Milward’s services between 1991 and 1994 to help me with several business challenges with our software and services business in Scandinavia, Germany and East/Central Europe. He demonstrated considerable entrepreneurial ability as well as the skill to manage complex change in a culturally diverse setting. Andy did a terrific job in turning around our failing Swedish operation and helping our German business to achieve its targets. He was also particularly successful in setting up and then managing new distributor operations for us in Hungary and the Czech Republic ensuring that the financial targets were met. I strongly recommend Andy Milward to any organisation that has a business problem to solve. He is creative, analytical and results oriented.”

    Tony Braniff
    Successful Entrepreneur

  • “I am pleased to recommend Andy for his outstanding help as my executive coach, working with me from April 2009 till January 2010, as I was going through an important transition in my professional career. Andy delivered well beyond my expectations, and I feel I owe him a lot. Andy is a very bright psychologist and at the same time very business-oriented so we never lost sight of the goal we had set. I found Andy’s services extremely valuable because he is fluent in quite a number of disciplines within occupational psychology: he masters a variety of tools that he uses depending on his client and also on the situation at stake. Before jumping to conclusions, Andy listens a lot and analyses in depth the various angles of any given issue. Overall, it’s extremely gratifying to work with Andy because he is committed to deliver to his client’s full satisfaction. Not only he works very hard but he also is a very enjoyable person to know.”

    Pierre Liautaud
    Executive Vice President, Member of the Executive Board at KONE Corporation